Body Contouring


Liposuction via VASER technology represents the latest advance in removal of unwanted fatty tissue that is resistant to loss by diet and exercise. It is performed through small, inconspicuous incisions via ultrasound technology, designed to gently reshape your body. 

Liposuction may be used to reduce localized fat deposits at the:

  1. Cheek , Chin, Neck 
  2. Abdomen and waist
  3. Hips and buttocks
  4. Thighs
  5. Back
  6. Chest area
  7. Upper arms 
  8. Inner knee
  9. Calves and ankles


A tummy tuck corrects 3 problems that frequently develop following pregnancy 

  1. Excess fat of upper and lower abdomen and waist
  2. Excess skin of upper and lower abdomen 
  3. Separated rectus muscles
body contouring plastic surgery tummy tuck
body contouring plastic surgery tummy tuck
body contouring plastic surgery tummy tuck


Reshaping of the inner thighs is achieved through an incision in the groin that extends downward to the knee along the inner side of the thigh
inner thigh lift body contouring plastic surgery

Arm lift - Brachioplasty 

If the underside of your arms are sagging or appear loose due to excess skin and fat, an arm lift will:

  1. Reduce excess skin and fat between the upper arm and elbow
  2. Reshape the arm to result in smooth skin and contours
  3. Result in a more toned and proportionate appearance 
Arm Lift plastic surgery body contouring

Brazilian Butt Lift (Gluteal Reshaping)

Gluteal contouring is performed by removing fat from other areas  (abdomen, waist, back, etc.) and injecting it into the buttocks to reshape them 

I sincerely appreciate my patients graciously allowing the use of their photos for educational purposes. They may help alleviate  the anxiety of a patient considering plastic surgery  as well asmsupport others with their decision to proceed with plastic surgery.

Patrick M. Kelley M.D.